FACADE RESTORATION OF LORENSBERG 49:10, 2003. Documentary, 30 min.

The film follows stucco worker´s, metal worker´s, brick masons and stone conservators complex restoration work on one of Göteborgs old stone houses. The richly embellished cement facade, which has never before been painted or treated, places high demands on the new materials and the craftmanship of the masons. As work progresses, the house begins to regain it´s original luster. In the film the viewer is given a unique insight into craftmen´s working methods and the various materials used.

We also, in various sequences, see the renovation of the window and the window-painter´s work, how it dirt-blackened facade is washed clean with plain water, and hear three historical-building experts explain the restoration process and the house´s history and the architecture.

The picture below left in the left corner you can se me in the highest cut with a trowel in my hand!