One autumn evening four filmmakers gather around a kitchen table. They talk about the movies they want to make, eat popcorn and drink beer. There is a benevolent warmth between the friends. They throw up bold, edgy film ideas that they would like to do. They want to touch the audience by being genuine. Their calls for bold and original movie ideas they then share with film consultant Marrianne Ahrne. Why shouldn´t she stand up for these movie ideas that the filmmakers´urgently want to tell?

The film is a comment on Swedish film policy in 2005, when The Swedish Film Institute film consultant Marrianne Ahrne gave the preliminary support to four police films in belief that they are ”films that are true, that people become affected by. Bold stories which come close to the heart of the matter. Stories that someone must tell”.

A film by Tjuv och polis production.
Participants: Lo Kauppi, Gustav Deinoff, Markus Olsson, Hampus Josefsson.