THE RUNNER, 2002. Documentary 41 min.

Markus Torgeby have chosen to go his own way in life. Free from the worlds distractions, he lives deep in the northern forest of Sweden. Everything he owns is in the teepee he lives in, and most of it fits in is his backpack. Life seems easier when the days is about simple things like what to eat, where to sleep and how to keep warm. But into his solitude intrudes thoughts. Is the hermit life taking hold of him? Is he becoming a recluse?

At the same time, the film follows Markus´s hard road to secure a national team spot in running. Through cold vinters, light summer nights and during a six-month stay with altitude-training in Tanzania, we follow Markus´s development as a runner, how he forces himself out to run even when his body aches.

The film follow him for over two years.

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